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Customized Procurement System

We offer the speed and convenience of file transfer via Hightail. Also, for clients with the need of regularly repeating orders with variable information such as Stationery, Business Cards, and other stock or semi-custom items, we offer an on-line procurement ordering system. Available to you on an independent web site dedicated to your company. This system offers an easy-to-use, efficient and fool-proof, soft-proofing environment that speeds the processing of your orders, and greatly reduces the possibility of errors.

This will allow you to see how the proofing and processing operates. In addition, there are many other customizable options for billing, approval, proxy ordering, additional templates, etc. Please contact us with any questions or to see if we can accomodate a specific request.

For more information on this system, to arrange a demonstration or to explore whether this system is appropriate to your printing needs, contact Dan Boucher.


For a basic demo of the business card ordering system, please [ Link Here ]